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Bokos Sandals

I was given a pair of Bokos Sandals, for free, to try out in exchange for a review. All opinions expressed are my own. You guys know I love my flip-flops, so I definitely couldn?t pass up a sandal that I was told ?would never wear out?.

I received my sandals very quickly and I immediately put them on. I told them I wore a size 5 ½ or 6 shoe and they sent me a pink size 6. They fit great and are super comfortable!

It?s a one-piece design, so it has incredible durability. I?ve had my Bokos since April and they are still going strong. I?ve worn them every single day since I got them in the mail. I don?t even think about my flip-flops anymore! Coming from someone who goes through a pair of flip-flops almost every month, that?s really saying something! I can?t believe all the money I?ve wasted on flip-flops! I could have a pair of Bokos in every color and they would all still be in excellent condition! You know how much money I could have saved over the years!?! Talk about an eye-opening experience for me! There will be no more money thrown down the drain in this house when it comes to sandals...I?d rather invest my money in some Bokos instead. :)

  Bokos are also anti-slip. They?re made from non-porous rubber material, so it helps block out dirt and keeps them clean. I?ve found that they are awesome to wear at the beach, for a walk or just lounging around. They look great, so they are even ok to wear to run errands. They?re super easy to clean if they do get a little dirty. I even throw mine in the wash sometimes. Other times, I just wipe clean with a damp cloth and towel dry. The non-porous material also helps eliminate odor, so your sandals stay smelling fresh. Of course, you can read all of this and more at

 Bokos are available in men and women?s sizes and there?s a variety of colors, so it?s easy to pick your perfect pair. My Bokos are amazing and I will definitely be buying at least one more pair! I love the colors!

 You can check them out at, or follow them on facebook to get all the latest updates.

 I?ve also been given this awesome discount to share with you guys! Just enter the code SUPER at checkout to get 20% off your order! How cool is that?! Don?t let this opportunity pass you by!

 Thanks Bokos! I love my sandals!