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Cool Sites

School Info, College Savings and Resources

ACO - Graduating Debt Free

This site is great for saving money as a college student. There are many awesome articles on this site. Just look around and read anything you can find . It'll be worth it.

ACO - Money Saving Hacks

This site is great for saving money as a college student. There are many awesome articles on this site. Just look around and read anything you can find . It'll be worth it.

ACO - Sharing Economy

This site is great for saving money as a college student. There are many awesome articles on this site. Just look around and read anything you can find . It'll be worth it.

50 Free Fun Field Trips For Schools In Texas

As stated on the site, "This is a list of free activities and field trip locations in Texas, from great works of art to the great outdoors! If you’re a teacher, tutor or a parent looking for free educational opportunities for your curious crew, check out one of these free field trip destinations around Texas.


This site has TONS of free crafts for kids and you can even submit your own ideas!

This is so cool. Just enter your birthday and it will tell you TONS of stuff about your birthday. It's fun to do.

This site is great for wasting time. There are so many things like shopping, cool stuff, videos and more on here. The variety is second to none. I think it's impossible to get bored on this site.

This site is for all of you who are from the 70's, 80's and 90's. If you've ever said, "Hey do you remember ... that used to come on tv?", then go here and look around. It will bring memories flooding back...I promise.

Paint programs are a great way for kids to exercise their creativity, but programs like Photoshop may be too complicated. Fortunately, Tux Paint, (FREE), doesn't require kids to be computer pros. It features large buttons with icons and labels. The screen stays uncluttered, showing only one tool set at a time. Saving is done in one click without dealing with folders and file names. Tux Paint comes with a separate configuration tool for parental control. For example, you can limit or disable printing, and you can control where your children's artwork is saved.

You may have seen those couple of commercials that have computer graphic people talking in monotone voices and moving like robots. Well...This is the site those were made on. I found this site when it was just starting and have been playing on it regularly since. UPDATE: This site is no longer free, but if you don't mind paying $10 a month, it is pretty fun.

This is just a really fun site to read. I tried different links on the page, but they didn't go to anything. It is pretty funny though, especially if you have a thing for zombies like I do.

Government Related Sites

You can go here to request your free, yearly credit reports from all three major credit reporting agencies. There are no hidden costs, no tricks. Just your free credit reports you are entitled to every year.

If you want to find out if a company has a history of good or bad customer service, complaints or you just want information about it...This is where to go.

This site is amazing! You can find the answers to anything related to the law. This is for any state. It's super easy to use...very user-friendly. I've found it to be extremely useful.

This site is just what it sounds like...grants and lots of them. This site is FREE and will teach you how and where to apply, what to apply's all there for you.


This is my 'go-to' site for recipes. They have nifty videos and the homepage is different everyday...featuring a wonderful variety of new dinner and desert recipes for you to check out. You can sign up to be a member for free, also, which will allow you to add recipes to your 'Recipe Box'. That's one of my favorite features. It holds all of your recipes on the top right of any page you go to, so you can easily access your favorites. I also suggest reading the comments on recipes. People offer some great tweaks in the comments.

Some of my favorite gifts at Christmas have always been those baking mixes in a jar that come with a potholder or something like that. I've always wondered where to find those recipes, so that I could just make a bunch of them and have them in the cabinet for when I want to make something quick...(My sweet-tooth attacks pretty late at night). Well, this morning, I came across this site called Mixes in a Jar. Can you imagine my excitement when the page loaded and I saw that they have 250+ of these wonderful mixes in a jar recipes?! :) So now, I have the site bookmarked and I've added it to the 'Cool Sites' link here on my site. You can even suggest recipes to add to the site! Go on over and check them out! I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.


This has got to be the coolest shopping site ever. They have some of the most awesome things you will ever find here...(and the prices aren't bad either).

Retale is a site (and app) that allows you to see weekly sales ads for a ton of stores. All in one convenient place. I use the app on my phone and it lets you "virtually" clip any coupons or sales that you don't want to miss out on. I love it.

Useful Sites

This site is awesome! I just used it to schedule an appointment with my OB/GYN! You can use it for your doctors too...If your doctor is not listed, you can invite them to join the program! Scheduling an appointment for my self and my kids has never been easier!

Have you ever had a hard time picking a doctor for the family or for yourself or kids? Well, it's no longer a problem. You can use Health Grades to read reviews about every aspect of the doctor's performance and even write your own reviews! Choosing a doctor has never been easier!

This site is awesome! It's an email subscription database. You can subscribe to emails about anything! There is so much stuff on there, it would be impossible to try to tell you what all is there, so just check it out!

This site has everything concerning times and dates...calendars, time zone converters, moon phases, weather, calculators and much, much more.