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If you're new to freebies, start here. You can get more freebies by going over to the "Newest Content" tab. That's where I'll post all the new freebies I find. Everything I post there, goes out in my daily newsletter as well.

 These freebies are, for the most part, always available. That's why I think they make good "starter freebies".  

I will only post 100% free offers. Absolutely no "participation required" offers...I hate those freebie poser sites.

If you find a freebie that I haven't seen yet, feel free to let me know. That way everyone can have a chance to get it. 

After you get done here, you should go on over to the "Be Heard" tab. The free programs listed there will provide you with tons of free full-sized products to try at home. All they ask in return, is that you spread the word about the products and let them know you did.

2-Year Subscription to LEGO Club Magazine

Get your free 2-year Subscription to Lego Club Magazine. Your first issue will be delivered in 4-6 weeks. The Lego Club Jr. Magazine will automatically be sent to persons under 7 years old. 

Comic Shop Locator

JAVAcid Coffee

Follow the instructions to get your 5 free sample packets! You will need to pay the $1.99 for shipping, but the samples are nice size and totally worth it.

SunMaid Fruit & Sunshine Recipe Book

Get a free SunMaid Fruit & Sunshine Recipe Booklet. Contains 30 recipes.This is a download.

Jiffy Mix Cookbook

Get a free Jiffy Mix Cookbook. It's been around for years, but recently got updated. Allow 2-4 weeks.

The New Taste of Tradition Cookbook (from SunMaid)

This is another cookbook from SunMaid. Features 45 recipes. You can download the ebook.

Travel Alaska Book

Get a free (Hardcover) Travel Alaska Book by mail. Just go here to request yours. 

This is intended for planning an Alaskan Vacation, but I plan to use mine for teaching the kids, (and myself), a little something about Alaska.

Table Tennis Rules Poster

Get yours free by filling out the request form.

Be sure to look around for more freebies on this site.