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Every site listed here is a program that I am signed up to and get paid from regularly. Please understand that you will not get rich from these programs, but you can make a good chunk of spending money on the side...(I currently make about $300-$400 a month from surveys).

  I get my payments through PayPal when I can, (most of my programs pay to PayPal). I have been a member for many years now, and have had no problems. It's free, easy to use and you get a debit/credit mastercard for your account that you can use anywhere and earn cash back on all of your purchases.

  If you have any questions about the programs listed here, please let me know.  

Targeted Web Traffic

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American Consumer Opinion Panel

American Consumer OpinionĀ® is a great panel to build up cash fast. Surveys usually pay $1-$5. They also pay you a little bit of points if you don't qualify for the survey for some reason. You can cash out starting at $10. They pay by check or to PayPal.


BeForthRight Surveys used to be Innopoll. They work much in the same way as in payments (still immediate to Paypal), or you can choose another option. You can also save up your earnings to cash out at a later time. I usually do Paypal payments right after I finish a survey. It's usually $3 for longer surveys, $2 for medium length ones and $1 for shorter ones. You set a preference for your desired length/payments. 

There are Forthright surveys and partner surveys. Forthright surveys come less often than the partner surveys, but whether or not you qualify for the survey, you still get a loyalty star. Once you have 3 stars, you get a $2 reward. 

Oh! and you can complete up to 3 surveys a day. So, if you can qualify for 3 surveys a day, (so not hard to do), than you can make about $9 a day! Pretty sweet deal. 

The interface is very user-friendly and straight-forward. Everything is right there for you to see and there's not a lot of extra, not useful filler type stuff everywhere. I love that.

I've been paid from this one so many times already. I've been a member for a while. Just shy of a year, I think.

Branded Surveys (previously MintVine)

Mintvine just recently became Branded Surveys. They're a good company. I just cashed out a second time from them. Their point system works a little differently, in that when you do a survey, the points go through this "pending" period. It's short-ish. Like I did 2 surveys January 18th and the points will clear on February 2 at 6:00 PM. It tells you exactly when to expect them. I do like that. There are some companies that don't give you that courtesy. 

Cashout is easy and immediate. I do Paypal, but you can choose different methods like gift cards to starbucks, amazon, target, etc..


CreationsRewards is a great site for earning money. It takes 1000 points to cashout for a $5 Amazon card, though there are tons of ways to redeem your points. There's Starbucks, PayPal, Target, etc.. Doing just surveys will give you enough points for a $10 cashout a couple of times a week, if not more often...with points to spare. I have been signed up with this program for a few years and can say, first hand, that customer service is great.  

Daily Survey Panel

Daily Survey Panel is great because you can cash out at $1 minimum, (to PayPal), if you want to for only 500 pts. You can also get a $5 Amazon gift card for 2500 pts, or gift cards to tons of other places. Surveys are relatively easy to qualify for and usually pay at least 300 pts. each. Getting paid is quick. They always have a bunch of surveys to do. 

DollarSurveys is a great way to have a stream of $1 payments trickling into your PayPal account. They pay out on Fridays, Mondays and Tuesdays usually. It is super simple to use this site. There is no sign-up required...all you do is enter your PayPal address and take a survey. You will get a dollar for every survey you do. The surveys are usually 10-15 minutes long...if a survey takes longer than 10-15 minutes, it will tell you and offer a higher amount. They also occasionally offer $1.50-$5.00 for signing up for certain newsletters. This is one of my favorites. There is no limit to the amount of surveys you can do and they pay every week...sometimes more than once weekly. I have been paid for every survey that I have done and have never had a problem.

FGI Research

FGI Research is a really good site. They will pay to your Paypal after you complete a survey. Payment usually takes 2-4 weeks for me, so expect a delay. If you continue to do these surveys as they come in your email, you will have a steady trickle of cash into your Paypal account. 

The incentive for the surveys they send will vary widely, because in addition to surveys, they also send invitations to focus groups and forums. I have gotten several payments of over $100 from them as well as many, many smaller payments.

HCD Surveys

HCD Surveys is a good site for surveys. They send them to your email or you can visit the site and see what they have available anytime. Cashout is at $10 by check only.


HitPredictor is a great site! I've been a member of this one since waaay back...before they were known as HitPredictor. I've cashed my points out for CD's, DVD's and gift cards many times over the years.

You earn points for rating songs. That's all there is to it! Simple, right?!

Once signed in, you just click the button, at the top left, that says "rate music". A new, small, window will open up and a song will start playing. All clips of songs are about 1:30 long. After the clip is over, you just rate it and put a little comment about it in the box. You get 3 points every time you rate a song.

The points add up quickly. I just sign in and start rating songs when I get on the computer. The box will stay up while you do other work on the computer. Just remember to switch over to that window when the song ends, so that you can rate it. Then another song will start playing. Every few songs, or so, you'll be shown a few artists to rate and then it's back to the songs.

Now, what makes HitPredictor even more awesome, is that pretty often, they will have a promotion going where you rate 10 songs and you get a guaranteed $5 gift card...usually for amazon or target. You want to make sure to check your email from them so you know when to do this. They do it like twice every week. That can really add up quickly. 

They also have some drawings for gift cards sometimes for rating 10 songs, just like we just talked about, but the gift cards for these are worth more than $5...usually $10-$25. How often do you win? Often enough, that I am sure to check my emails to see if I won because I've won quite a few times, so about that much.

I know, I know...stop rambling and tell me where to sign up, right? Here ya go...Just go to HitPredictor and sign up.


Chances are you've heard of this program. You get paid to do surveys, do offers, play games, tasks and more. It's a good program...I've been a member of InboxDollars since 2005 and have been paid many times. Cashout is at $30, by check, prepaid visa, or a wide variety of gift cards for places like Starbucks, Amazon, Target, etc..


IdeaShifters is a great survey program, in my opinion, because your points add up pretty quickly and they have surveys pretty regularly...most of which aren't all that long, but pay well.

I've been a member of this one for quite a while now and have cashed out many times. You can cash out once you have 100 points, which is equivalent to $10 to Amazon.

Payments are sent on the 1st and 15th of the month. This is one of my favorites. There's also a mobile app that will have extra surveys from time to time. They make it super easy to earn money with them. 

To sign up, you can email me and give me the email address you would like your invite to go to. That's all I need from you. As soon as I get it, I'll send you the invite and it will come directly from IdeaShifters.

Here's my email: [email protected]


I-Say is a good company. Points build up quickly, thanks to a steady trickle of surveys being offered. Cashout starts at $5 payable via Amazon code, Starbucks Gift Card, or several other options. I use this one for Amazon money. You'll get an email every time a new survey is offered, but you can also just go to the site to see what's available. You'll also get product surveys sometimes. 

Mindfield Online

Mindfield Online is a good site. They send a lot of surveys and they all pay at least $1, so it's super easy to build up the $5 needed to cash out to Paypal, Amazon, Walmart, and Sam's Club. 


MOBROG Surveys is a great one, because they are very straight-forward. You just sign up and start taking surveys. They usually pay around $1.25 for each survey, though some are worth more and they don't take a ton of time to do. I've had good experience qualifying for the surveys, so the money builds up fast. Cashout is to Paypal, (is instant), and is available at $6.25, so just a few surveys gets you there. I am including the link to the home page to sign up, but if you don't mind sending me your email address so that I can send you an invite to the panel, I could make a tiny bit for referring you. Either way if fine, of course. 


MySurvey is one of my favorites as well. Cashout is at 1100 points for PayPal and Amazon, although there are tons of ways to get your rewards. It's extremely easy to build up enough points to cashout on this one...they send a ton of surveys straight to your email. You can also check the site at any time you like. It will show the current list of surveys that you can take. 

Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is one of my favorite sites to make money. They have great customer service, a ton of surveys, great payout options and they pay quickly, (no matter what method you choose).

Surveys usually credit instantly. If you don't qualify for a survey, you can have an entry to the instant win or sweepstakes. You can also click to donate to the American Red Cross or other charities. In order to get the chance at the instant win or to donate some, after you disqualified for a survey, it will ask you if want to take another one or not now. Click on not now and it will give you the button for the instant win or the donations. You can win points for your account, or sweepstakes entries.

 Cashing out is quick and easy. You have quite a few options...PayPal ($10 minimum), Check ($20 minimum), Amazon Codes ($5 minimum), Gift Card ($10 minimum) or Donate to the American Red Cross ($5 minimum) or various other charities. You can also cash out to a company that you can buy games for.

The PayPal is immediate.

The checks usually get to me in about 1-2 weeks.

The Amazon codes go to your email immediately.


PaidViewpoint is one of my favorites. I've cashed out from them several times now...Each time for at least $15, (which is the minimum to cashout). You'll get your money in your paypal account within 2 days. I've never had them be late paying me. I have really come to love this survey company. It's one that will seem like it takes a while to build your account, but it doesn't...It actually builds up quicker than you realize. You do trait surveys once or twice daily, each for 10 cents, and you have biz surveys that pay significantly more. You will also have surveys that will get sent to your email. If you complete those within 3 hours, you will get the full amount.


I've been with QuickRewards since about a year after they started. I have never had a problem getting paid. This program is great because of all the stuff you can do to get money. There are games, polls, surveys, free signup offers, and more. There are also emails, (should you choose to get them), that pay you. There is no minimum to cash out and they pay to PayPal. You can also get gift certificates to various restaurants and stores. I only do PayPal. When you request payment, it will go through the next day...usually in the afternoon.

Socratic Forum

Socratic Forum is a great site. They will send surveys to your email. I suggest doing the surveys as they come in your email so that you have a better chance to qualify for them. These surveys typically pay between $1 and $5 each. 

Cashing out is easy. The minimum is only $5 and you can choose to get a check or an Amazon code. Personally, I use this survey company to get Amazon codes. Once you get the code in your email, you can just add it to your Amazon account and let it build up until you are ready to shop.


Sponster is a new program to me. I have it on here, because it used to be a company called YouData, that I did cash out from regularly. I am still figuring things out on Sponster. I'll update this as I learn new things about it.


SurveySavvy is a great company. I have been a member for quite a few years and have cashed out many, many times. They only pay by check, but there is no minimum. I usually let it build to at least $20 before cashing out.

 They send a lot of surveys...plenty to allow you to build your account quickly.

 They tend to send lots of surveys that pay $10-$30.


SurveySpot is another one of my favorite survey sites. They pay by paypal immediately upon cashing out, (with a minimum of 1000 points).

1000 points is equal to $10. Each survey gives you at least 50 points, so you can build up points quickly and easily. I have cashed out many times from them and have never had a problem. 

 Also, each survey you attempt will give you one entry into the new $12,000 quarterly prize draw! 

 I have only had to contact customer service by email once and my problem was solved in two business days, (which is great in the world of surveys). 

 UPDATE: This company is owned by the same people as Opinion Outpost. So, it's set up exactly the same and has the same surveys. You'll have to either focus on one of the companies, or use your phone or tablet to answer one company's surveys and then your computer for the other one's. Or you can try clearing your cookies before going over to the other company.

Survey Squad powered by Focus Forward

Survey Squad powered by Focus Forward is a great company for surveys, but also for focus groups and online discussions. You'll get lots of surveys through this company and cash out is by check only. The minimum to cash out is $20.


Swagbucks is a really cool site. There are so many ways you can earn points, (not by doing offers). There are surveys, searching, watching videos, etc. Cashing out is easy. The minimum for gift cards is 500 points.