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Old Navy Compression--Get Fab & Fit in Active by Old Navy!

As a member of Crowdtap and the Old Navy Style Council, I was selected to participate in the Get Fit & Fab in Active by Old Navy! campaign. I received 2 coupons for free active wear...One for me and one for a friend. Each coupon was good for one free pair of Compression Pants and one free GoDry Top.  

I got my coupons and was so excited when I noticed that I could get a pair of the pants AND a top! I went to Old Navy the following day, and had no problem using the coupons. Everyone was super nice. I had some choices picked out before going to Old Navy, but I looked around anyway...I kind of had to. The outfit I had picked out online wasn’t available in my store. That was okay, because I ended up choosing another really cute that was my back-up choice.

I chose the Women's Active Compression Pants in Black Jack and the Women's Color Block Compression Jackets also in Black Jack. I love them! They fit perfect and doing exercises in my new outfit is wonderful! I love doing Yoga in these clothes! They allow your skin to breathe easily and they don’t bunch up like so many other brands and styles of ‘active wear’. Old Navy really got it right with their line of active wear!  

Another thing that’s great about this line of active wear, is that they are stylish! I wear mine anytime, anywhere...not just for exercising. They look great! They have a really nice design that makes you feel good when you wear them. It’s like a boost of confidence that I can’t quite explain. Almost like you feel like you have been busy taking care of business and you feel accomplished, but you’re not tired. Like, I said...I can’t quite explain it.

My Compression Pants retails for $34.94, but are on sale right now for $14.99-$27.50.  

My GoDry Top retails for $44.94...(it’s currently not on sale).

I love shopping in-store, because the staff is always so knowledgeable and eager to help with whatever I need. The cashiers are super nice and the whole experience makes you feel at home.