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Wonder Wheeler Wide

Recently, I was given an opportunity to review a Wonder Wheeler Wide from As was stated in the description:

The Wonder Wheeler Wide has an extra wide carrying capacity to haul all of your beach gear to the beach. It holds a 48 quart cooler, 4 chairs, towels, a beach umbrella, (or fishing poles) and toys. There is a large, detachable beach bag to hold sun screen, snacks, a change of clothes. But the Wonder Wheeler Wide’s usefulness doesn’t end at the beach… carry all your gear to the pool or water park or to the sports field or the lake. The uses are only limited to the owners creativity!

It arrived to my house in a large box fully assembled, except for the wheels (which were extremely easy to put on). It folds up surprisingly small to store easily...even in my tiny coat closet! My stroller doesn't even fit in that closet very

I absolutely loved this thing! It holds everything that it claims to and more! Of course, the Wonder Wheeler Wide is marketed mostly for the beach and swimming, but I used it for going all sorts of places. I have 3 small children, (ages 4, 2 and 11 months), so shopping and doctor's appointments used to be such a production! Not with the Wonder Wheeler Wide! It folds up flat, so it fits in the trunk of the car and the back of the van even fits in the tiny coat closet in my house, (which I can't even get my stroller into very well)! We just put the Wonder Wheeler Wide in the car or van, and bring it with us to the mall or anywhere else we shop, and pull it out when we get there. The kids love to help push it and it's so light-weight that I can maneuver it easily...even while holding my 11 month old that seems to be attached to my hip at all times. :)

The detachable bag on it sits right up top, so I put my purse in it and all the kids' drinks and snacks. It keeps them easily accessible and completely out of sight to the kids and everyone else. I also use the bag separately quite a bit. I take it to the doctor's office and other places that I normally bring a diaper bag. It has cup holders around the sides, which are perfect for my kids' drinks and my drink and purse. There's even room left after that stuff! It's a nice deep bag, so I can put all paperwork that I need to bring in there as well.

The large mesh bag is perfect for holding all of my items that I decide I am buying. Since it's mesh, sales people can see everything that's in there, so no one gives me a problem bringing it into the stores, (which has proved to be a problem with my strollers sometimes). At the beach, it keeps our wet towels from getting moldy and allows the sand from everything to fall right out of the bag.  

I've even used the Wonder Wheeler Wide for walking to the store and park a few blocks away. Because of the extra wide wheels, it rolls smoothly on the sidewalk, grass and everywhere else. I bring my cooler to hold all the cold stuff and put it at the bottom. I put fruit, bread and eggs in the detachable bag up top and the rest of the bags in the mesh bag that sits on the cooler. This thing is made of some great material that is nice and strong...I've never had it rip or tear or anything. Even when everything is full, and it seems like I can't fit anymore stuff on it, the Wonder Wheeler Wide is still easy to push and turn!

It features a rust-resistant powder-coated frame and the big wide wheels allow it to roll easily on sand and other surfaces. It comes fully assembled, so you just snap on the wheels and go! The Wonder Wheeler Wide has the maximum storage capacity. This one is available on their site,, for $106...although it's on sale right now for $72.95!

Want one?...Win it! They have agreed to let me hold a giveaway! One winner will receive the Wonder Wheeler Wide


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